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11am // THE WEDGE
Mindful Flexibility // Ella Riley : @danger_riley
Age 18+ Sign Up Needed // 1hr


In my Mindful Flexibility workshops, I incorporate mindful breathing techniques into a specially designed flex plan so participants can enjoy a gentle, full body stretch while also experiencing the benefits of mindfulness. Using these breathing techniques, the participant will connect to the area of the body that is being worked. They will also be able to access the body on a deeper level, getting further into stretches and noticing muscles that may have never been used before. After a 45-minute full body stretch, I will finish the session with a 15-minute mindful meditation. Leaving the participant feeling grounded, calm and connected with their body. Ready to enjoy the rest of the festivities. The workshop is typically 1 hour long but can be adapted to longer. It is also suitable for all ages, genders, and abilities.

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Family Friendly Circus Skill Workshop // Newcastle Circus Arts
All ages // drop in // 2hrs

Learn the magic of the circus with Newcastle Circus Arts CIC! An open-to-all-ages, skill, and ability drop-in workshop covering the basics and intermediate levels of circus skills.


1pm // THE WEDGE
Creative Writing Workshop // Kym Deyn
All ages // sign up needed // 2hrs


A gentle writing workshop suitable for absolute beginners or more experienced hands. We'll look at how to take inspiration from images, incorporating images into our writing, writing "black-out" poetry, and even experimenting with photography and writing together. All materials will be provided. Up to 15 spaces.


Circus Olympics // Newcastle Circus Arts CIC
All ages // drop in // 30mins

Always wanted to be an olympian? Then join our very own CIRCUS OLYMPICS to test your strength, agility, silliness and of course circus skills!

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3pm & 5pm // MAIN HALL
Beginner Contortion & Flex Workshops // Ellie the Acrobat!
18+ // Sign Up Needed // 1.5hrs & 1hr



Full body flex:

This workshop will be a blend of active flexibility drills and stretches with a short warm up and conditioning at the end. We will be working hard within our existing range of motion to strengthen our flexibility to help prevent injury and ensure longevity. This class will be a good chance for complete beginners & intermediates to come and assess their current skill level in a friendly and non-judgemental environment. I strive to create an accessible as possible space for people to come and move their body with the purpose of feeling good. The aim of the classes will be that you leave with new strategies to help you achieve your flexibility goals and/or pride in showing up for your mind and body.


Additional Handstands and elbow stands: 

This workshop will work as an add on to the first class and is not for complete beginners, this is for those that have experience in training flexibility and are confident to kick up into a handstand on their own. In this class we will be covering basics such as wrist strengthening exercises, how to spot others and how to train contortion handstands and elbow stands in your own training. 


6.30pm // MAIN HALL
MUSIC // Tobias Sarra

Tobias Sarra is an experimental singer-songwriter and improviser, with roots in jazz, folk, and contemporary classical music. His piano/keys led performances blend the familiar and the surreal, whilst emphasising a musical and linguistic playfulness.

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